10 Wildly Romantic Book Quotes

Hello lovelies! How are you? I hope you're having a lovely weekend! You all know how much I love beautiful quotes, so of course I couldn't do a whole week of romance themed posts without sharing some my favorite romantic book quotes, that would be ridiculous. So to wrap up this week of romance, here's… Continue reading 10 Wildly Romantic Book Quotes


10 Romance Novels on My TBR

Hi guys! I hope you're not sick of seeing romance novels all over your feeds, cause you're about to see ten more! I've never been a big romance reader, (Unless we're counting that one year when I read all my grandmother's Danielle SteelĀ and Harlequin novels. But I was 12 - so we're not) But I… Continue reading 10 Romance Novels on My TBR