TTT: My Witchy TBR

Hi guys! How are y'all? Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Artsy Girl. The topic this week is a Halloween Freebie and since I'm having a witch week on the blog, I'm going to share the top ten witchy books on my TBR! 1. Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women &… Continue reading TTT: My Witchy TBR


My Favorite Witchy Reads

Hi guys! How are y'all? I hope you're ready for more Halloween-themed post, cause this week's going to be Witch Week on the blog! My love for witches started with TV-witches like Sabrina, the Charmed ones and Buffy's Willow on the screen. For as long as I can remember witches have been my favorite characters to… Continue reading My Favorite Witchy Reads


Halloween Recs: For Scaredy Cats

Hi guys! How are you? I hope you're prepared for the Halloween themed posts, cause this is Halloween! This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Ok. I'll try to tone it down a notch, for now. Today I have some seasonally appropriate book recommendations for those of us who love the Halloween aesthetics, but aren't horror fans. We're talking… Continue reading Halloween Recs: For Scaredy Cats