Blogging and Reading Goals: Check In #1


Hi lovelies! How are you? If you asked me I’d say I consider my self a planner, but if you ask literally anyone else they’d probably say I’m more… impulsive. The thing is I love planning things, I love setting goals for myself and writing detailed to-do lists. I’m just not as enthusiastic about sticking to plans, completing goals or checking thing off of my to-do lists. So I did some research on successful goat setting, which in hindsight is probably something an actual planner would have done before setting goals. But in this house we… try. Of course the first piece of advice I found was to make sure your goals are specific and easy to measure. Which is so great, cause I didn’t do that at all. But I’m still going to try to hold myself accountable and measure my progress, so let’s see how my goals are going.


“…to come up with ideas and work really hard to make this blog everything I want it to be.”

❓ Great goal, Aurora. Very specific and easy to measure. Better than what, exactly? Better than sex? Better than average? Better than revenge? Who knows? I really don’t know how to measure my progress here, but I’m creating content and I’m excited about it, so I think I’m doing okay. Seriously though, I’m more in love with blogging than ever and I have lots of ideas. So things are good!


“I can’t count all the times I’ve wanted to talk someone, but didn’t cause I’m too shy or worried about annoying them…”

✅ Yes! I definitely comment on posts more often and I’m a lot less shy about starting conversations. I love getting to know people better and everyone’s so friendly!


“It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post, a book review, a list of ideas, a journal entry, a poem, song lyrics or even a love letter.”

✅ Probably! I haven’t really been tracking this, but I feel pretty confident that I’ve written something every day. It might just be a lit of ideas, a couple of lines of a poem and some words in my journal, but it’s something.


“I’m making this a goal, cause I really, really want to read my backlist this year.”

✅ Kind of! I’ve read 54 books and 21 of those have been from my personal backlist, books I owned pre-2019. Ideally I’d like this number to be closer to 50/50, but at the same time this tells me I’m actually reading the books I’m buying pretty quickly. And that’s also a good thing!


“I read 40 books written by POC authors and 34 books with queer main characters in 2018. So I’d like to read at least as much in 2019.”

37588503 (1)-side.jpg

✅ I’ve read 12 books written by POC authors and 9 books with queer main characters so far this year (you can see a few of my favorites above), so I think I’m pretty much on track. I haven’t done the math on that, because I don’t want to do the math on that, because I never want to do the math on anything. But I feel confident that I’ll reach this goal.


“I want to follow my whims and curiosities more with my reading choices… I’ll pick up that Tove Jansson biography, learn more about astrology and read all the memoirs I own about living on boats.”

❌ Nope! I haven’t touched any of the books mentioned and I haven’t read anything else that’s very niche either. I’ve read books with very few Goodreads ratings, but that’s doesn’t feel like the same thing.


“In 2019 I’m going to work on my attention span and hopefully finish a whole book in one sitting. “

❌ Very predictably: no. I’ve gotten the Bookly app and I’m tracking my reading. Which has actually improved my attention span, but not enough to finish a book in one sitting. I think the longest I’ve read for is 1 hour and 45 minutes and since I read about 80 pages in an hour, it’d have to be a very short book!


What are your 2019 reading goals?
How’s your progress so far?

41 thoughts on “Blogging and Reading Goals: Check In #1

  1. In this house we like to set goals and then mostly ignore them too.

    I don’t know what you would consider better content but I have to say that your paragraph about how unspecific “better content” is as a goal was great content and now I can’t stop laughing at the “better than revenge” one, it’s such an ominous way to see a blog

    Also I’m glad you liked The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali!

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    1. So discussing the definition of better content is better content? That’s very meta! And thank you!

      The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali was great, but it’s even darker than I was expecting after reading the trigger warnings. It’s definitley not one I’d recommend if you don’t want to read about extreme homophobia.


  2. Looks like you’ve made some great progress so far! 😄 I love your goal of reading more diversely, since that’s also something I want to make an effort toward. And that’s so great that you’ve been writing every day this year! 😊

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  3. HA! The first one made me laugh because it’s such a me thing to put as well – like what even? I love that you have read books that no one cares about – it’s something I try to do more, but it’s honestly harder than it seems. Between blogging, arcs and running a book club – so much of my TBR gets set for me and then I see all the new books and everyone talking about them and the rest is history lol It’s one I really do want to do better at.

    I also feel you on the Read Your Own Books…. UGHHH I have like over 600 physical books on my shelves and I still keep readings arcs or 2019 releases – WHYYYY

    You are doing awesome though and I love your content ❤

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    1. Haha, I’m glad my messy goal setting’s relatable! I totally agree, it is really hard. I get caught up in hype and new releases too and I don’t even read arcs, which I’m sure makes your TBR so much more fixed. I have hundreds of unread books on my shelves too, so at least we’re two!

      THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️


  4. I love this post! Also, can I just say that I absolutely love your writing style and voice?? This is written so well and casually, as if we’re just having a conversation!

    Anyways, I think it’s really incredible that you’re holding yourself accountable for the goals you want to achieve. Even more so, it sounds like you’re really succeeding in pushing yourself to achieve these things!

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  5. I love seeing progress updates!
    I think my goals are going okay haha, but maybe I should check to see what I set as goals!


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  6. Ahh you’re doing so great, that’s amazing, so proud of you ❤ I'm so happy you're creating content you love and loving blogging more and more, to me that's what creating better content is, creating something that makes you happy 🙂 and yay for more interaction, the community is so sweet and always welcoming 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me ❤️ That’s such a lovely way to think about it and I totally agree, creating content that makes you feel happy and exciting is what it’s all about 😊 The community is the best!

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  7. I love that you’re keeping track of POC/queer authors/characters! I’m totally going to adopt that because I’d be really curious to see how many it ends up being in comparison.

    I’ve also found that setting goals makes it a lot easier to actually accomplish things rather than just being like, “It’s going to be a great year! I’m going to do more of all the things!” With goals, I’m more apt to almost feel like I have a responsibility to complete them? I hope yours continue to go well!

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    1. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s the best I’ve come up with for tracking diversity. I hope it’ll work for you too!

      I agree, setting goals definitley helps with getting things done! And holding myself accountable by checking in on them definitley helps me stick with them. Thank you so much! I hope yours do too (if you have some) 😊

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  8. You’re doing really well on your goals! I’m looking forward to reading a spark of white fire.
    For me, I’m in front of my reading goal and reading more diversely too

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