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TTT: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book


Hello lovelies! How are you? Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Artsy Girl and the topic this week is: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book. I’ll be talking about my buzzwords, not my impulse control issues or escapist tendencies – cause it’s more fun for all us this way, right?


7507944-tile.jpgAkata Witch / Undead Girl Gang /Labyrinth Lost

I grew up in the golden age of TV witches, when Sabrina the teenage witch, Willow Roseburg and the Charmed Ones were still blessing our screen and I’ve loved reading about witches ever since. There’s a reason this is my favorite quote: “Never put your faith in a prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a witch.”


16120434-tile.jpgFairytales for Wilde Girls / Deathless / The Bear and the Nightingale 

This post is turning into a nostalgia trip, but I was raised on the Brothers Grimm and Disney and I still love fairytales in ever shape they come. So many of my favorite things to read about are typical fairytale elements, like witches, talking animals, magical forests, curses and castles.


34623127 (1)-tile.jpgClueless: Senior Year / Wing Jones / Before We Were Strangers

I’m a 90s kid and clearly, my nostalgia knows no limits. I love the aesthetics of the 90s. From the slip dresses and velvet scrunchies, to the grunge bands and teen movies. It feels like home.


35704397-tile.jpgThe Way You Make Me Feel / The Nowhere Girls / Undead Girl Gang (It’s got the best witchy vibes and the best girl gang ok)

I love reading about friendship in general, but if a book mentions female friendships or girl gangs in it’s blurb I’M THERE. My friends are so important to me and having that group of girls means a lot, so I love seeing that reflected in the books I read.


20820994-tile.jpgI’ll Give You the Sun / Eliza and her Monsters / Everything Leads to You

I’ve always been drawn to books about artists of all kinds: painters, musicians, writers, photographers, dancers etc. Because creativity is such a big part of my life, I love reading books that explore the creative process and follow characters who are passionate about creating.


30095464-tile.jpgThe Bone Witch / Glitter / The Diviners

I could’ve just said morally gray characters, but if I’m being honest I’m kind of over antiheroes. I just find morally gray girls and women so much more interesting. It makes me sad that they’re still much harder to find and still get much more hate than their male counterparts. 


39899065-tile.jpgThe Book of MThe Long Way to a Small Angry Planet / When the Sky Fell on Splendor

I actually didn’t know this was a trope until I started blogging, but I’d loved it for a long time without knowing. Whether it’s a  group of friends in nothing to do town, a rag tag spaceship crew or strangers trying to survive the apocalypse, I love the dynamics of a found family. It makes me soft.


25203675-tile.jpgThe Star-Touched Queen (Flesh-eating demon horse friend!) Nevmoor (Giant talking cat!) Even the Darkest stars (Fox familiar!) 

Yes, hi, hello. I once bought a book cause the blurb mentioned a pet panda (Invictus) and I’m not sorry. I wish I had a pet panda. Or a hedgehog. Or a fox. OR A DIREWOLF. Since that’s not happening anytime soon, I like living vicariously and reading about cute animal companions.


38640725-tile1.jpgGrave Mercy / Dark Triumph / Nevernight

Assassins used to be the opposite of a buzzword for me, then I met Mia Corvere and now I’m a believer. It’s got to be a female assassin though. Wow, I really don’t care about boys.


28220826 (1)-tile.jpgWhen the Moon Was Ours / Wild Beauty / Blanca & Roja

Magical realism is one of my favorite genres to read, because the way it combines the everyday with the impossible makes magic feel a little more real to me. All my recommendations are Anna-Marie McLemore books because she’s the #ownvoices queen of the genre. I don’t make the rules.


What are your bookish buzzwords?
Got any recommendations based on mine?

65 thoughts on “TTT: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

  1. This list is basically what my list would look like.

    I’ve never thought about how much I love a book with a character who is creative but I find myself reading a lot of those. I especially love musicians, filmmakers, and writers.

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    1. We must be bookish soulmates 💕
      I loved that element in Piecing Me Together! Those three are my favorites to read about too, so please let me know if your read some good ones! I’m always looking for more to add to my TBR 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We definitely are!! 💕

        SAME! I recently read The Poet X which is course about poetry and it was so good. I think one day I’ll make a list of books about that topic. I’ll let you know if I find out some more.

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  2. …I love that all three magical realism books are McLemore’s.

    I hadn’t noticed it before but thinking about recent fantasy releases (both YA and adult) there are so few books with animal companions? Which is sad, because I love them (even though I’m always afraid they’re going to get killed off). Middle grade is probably better at this, but I struggle with that age range.
    And I’m not really any kind of artist myself, but I love reading about characters creating, too. Even if I don’t feel strongly about what they’re doing, there’s something about the process that always speaks to me (also, if they have a hobby there’s a chance that they aren’t completely flat…)

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    1. I tried to be more varied, but there’s just no one at her level!

      It’s definitley not the easiest thing to find and it’s not always something people mention when they talk about a book, so mostly animal companions are a pleasant surprise to me when they do pop up. I wish there were more animal/creatures in adult and YA SFF!
      …Unless the hobby is a stand in for a personality. Which is definitley a thing that happens in YA contemporaries, I just tried to read a book where the MC spoke exclusively in movie references.

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  3. Ahh this is such a fantastic list! I used to read a lot of books with witches and adored the theme, I kind of let it go for a while, but now I’m very interested in these kind of books again. And yeees for female friendships, we need more of them in stories 😀
    lovely choices! 🙂

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  4. Great list! Hahaha you’re not alone – I love books that put women in the roles men have been occupying for years. And a big fat yes to witches and girl gangs!

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    1. Yes! That’s one of my pet peeves. If you don’t want your character to kill anyone, please make them literally anything but an assassin. I’m so excited to continue reading this series, it’s a great one 😊

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  5. This is such a great list! I also can’t resist anything to do with circuses but honestly this has steered me wrong more than its steered me right!

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  6. Many heart emojis for all of your choices! Witches, fairytales, female friendships, anti-heroines and magical realism…. yes, yes, a million times yes!! These are definitely ‘go to’s’ for me as well and I’m always on the lookout for that kind of content – which you always so helpfully provide 😛


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