MY OG OTPS // The couples that made me this way.


capture-20190214-171533.pngHello lovelies! Happy Valentine’s Day! How are you? Despite all the Valentine’s themed content on my blog, I’m actually not that into Valentine’s Day in real life. I just love going all out with a theme and the Valentine’s aesthetic really appeals to my pink and floral loving soul. I do love romance though, in books, in movies, on tv and in real life. So today I thought I’d share the first couples I  remember shipping, or you know – the tv-couples that gave me wildly unrealistic expectations and made me this way.

Phoebe and Cole (Charmed)


My OG enemies-to-lovers ship, an evil demon and a good witch. I think y’all know how I feel about witches by now and The Charmed Ones started it alll. My favorite sister was Phoebe (partly cause my fashion sense was as appalling as hers at the time) and when she finally got a proper romance in season 3 I was very, very invested. Cole originally tried to seduce Phoebe so he could destroy The Charmed Ones, but they fell in love and it was so angsty and delicious and painful. I’m still not over it.

Willow & Tara (Buffy)


Buffy was another one of my favorite shows growing up and I still remember how exciting it was to see Willow and Tara’s romance develop. Not only was it the first f/f relationship I’d ever seen on TV, it was two witches kissing! My teenage self was obviously obsessed. What’s changed you ask? Literally nothing. Someone write me a f/f witch book please and thank you. (Labyrinth Lost & These Witches Don’t Burn fit the description, for any like minded readers)

Carrie & Big (SATC)


One of the highlights of my adolescent life was when my mom finally let me watch her Sex and the City box set with her. Back then I was more invested in the fashion than the relationships (I still am), but with one great exception: Carrie and Big. Even at 12 I realized that preferring Big to Aidan was probably a sign that I’d make my love life unnecessarily complicated – but it didn’t stop me from shipping these two with all my heart. (I still do)

Luke & Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)


Gilmore Girls is another show I grew up watching with my momma and I didn’t care about Rory’s teenage romances at all. I was only here for Luke and Lorelai, the OTP over all my OTPs. They had that slow-burn-friend-to-lover-with-witty-banter kind of love I’m trash for and I didn’t even mind how freaking long it took them to get together, cause their friendship was just as cute. I can’t even be mad at the revival, cause it gave me more Luke and Lorelai.

Brooke & Lucas (One Tree Hill)


Listen. Y’all just don’t want to know how many Brucas fan videos I watched on Youtube back in 2004 or how the ripples of that still effect my taste in music to this day. (Please tell me I’m not the only one, guys) I don’t care what anyone says Brooke and Lucas should have been endgame and I will never, ever forgive him for breaking her heart like that. I bet his book sucked.

Jesse & Celine (Before Sunrise)


Ah, Celine and Jesse. The king and queen of the 90’s indie aesthetic. The reason for all the weird looks I’ve gotten from guys on trains when I stare at them starry eyed, waiting for my invite to get off the train with them in Vienna. Never mind we’re actually on the train to Hokksund (it’s as dull as it sounds). I’m genuinely grateful this is a trilogy, cause I needed to know these two are still together and in love. Cause they’re real people. What.

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capture-20181230-004950Did you ship any of these couples too? Who are your most nostalgic ships? How do you feel about them today? Got any special plans for Valentine’s? Or any f/f witchy book recommendations? 

47 thoughts on “MY OG OTPS // The couples that made me this way.

  1. LUKE AND LORELAI! I really adore them. Sadly, I cannot agree with you about your OTH pairing. Lucas was almost too moody for me to root for at all. Plus that toxic love triangle was never going to end well. I have always been a typical NALEY shipper. HOW CAN YOU NOT?!? Nathan and Haley, while sometimes selfish and dumb, they really loved each other. They made it work. They figured out the hard stuff. Plus, Jamie is adorable. So they automatically win :]
    I love the aesthetics you used for all of these though! SO PERFECT

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    1. YES! Luke and Lorelai are everything ❤️

      Ok, you make a very compelling case. I don’t think I even liked Lucas, I just adored Brooke and she wanted him, so I wanted her to get him. Naley’s a much more healthy and loving ship, which I totally support! And that bracelet moment is ICONIC.

      Thank you so much and thanks for fangirling over ships with me! 😊

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  2. Oh this is such a lovely post!! The aesthetics are super stunning and have the perfect Valentine’s Day vibe 😍💗 I have to admit though that I haven’t seen any of the shows the couples are from … not even Gilmore Girls 😱 I really should watch more of the ‘classic’ shows, I mean Charmed has witches so that’s cool 😄

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  3. But Brooke and Julian are such a cute couple. She finally ends up with a guy who makes her his whole world instead of Lucas who is never just satisfied with Brooke.

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  4. LUKE AND LORELAI YES YES YES, I love them so, so much ❤ ❤ I'm currently rewatching all of the GG episodes and I'm loving them so much and seeing their relationship change and grow and I just can't wait for the end for them to get back together again haha. I LOVE THEM! ❤ I was also a Brooke & Lucas fan when they started dating on the show, forever mad at Lucas for breaking her heart!
    Lovely post! 🙂

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    1. YES! Luke and Lorelai will always be my favorites ❤️❤️❤️ GG is the best show to rewatch, no matter how many times I see it I always want to go back to Stars Hallow! I’m so glad you’re on my “forever mad a Lucas Scott”-team, I’ll send you a tee shirt. Thank you so much! 😊

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  5. Totally agree about Luke and Lorelai. I loved Pheobe and Cole too although I was always fond of Piper and Leo as well.

    I’ve just been re-watching Buffy (my other half had somehow never seen Buffy before!) and I can’t go over how amazing Tara and Willow are

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    1. Luke and Lorelai will always be my favorites ❤️ Piper and Leo are relationship goals!

      They’re very lucky to have you to introduce them to this iconic pop-cultural phenomenon! Now I want to rewatch it and fangirl over Tara and Willow again too.


  6. okay, i LOVE this post and i love these moodboards!! you made them yourself??

    also YESSS phoebe and cole!!!! i was obsessed with them too!

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  7. My favorite character in Charmed was actually Paige but I think the only ship I had was Piper and Leo. I liked Phoebe with Cole but I also liked her and Coop.

    My most nostalgic ships are Spike/Buffy, Jace/ Clary (one of my first book ships), Logan/Veronica, Michael/Maria and Nathan/Hayley.

    Willow and Tara were cute but I don’t like Willow in later seasons and I’ll never forgive what she did to Tara. I didn’t ship Brooke with anyone until later seasons. Lucas never deserved her.


  8. oooooh so much nostalgia, I loved all the ships you mentioned!! It made me feel all the feels, I want to revisit all the shows now :)))
    My favorite by far though is Buffy and Spike, I can never get over the ending of the show (I will keep pretending that the comics never happened)
    I’ve been reading fanfiction about them for 15 years, I can never get enough! I’m currently reading a 3000-page one, need my fix 😉

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    1. Nostalgic ships are the best ships! I made myself want to rewatch everything by writing this post.
      I loved Buffy and Spikes too, they’re one of the best enemies to lovers ships. I guess I should be glad I never read the comics?
      3000 pages??? That’s true dedication to your ship! Got any shorter ones to recommend? I haven’t read fanfic in so long and I’m in a nostalgic mood 😊

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      1. the comics are not the best in my opinion, I prefer fanfiction after the end of the show, I need a little hope and happy endings 🙂
        If you like novel-length fics, one of my favorite authors is Eurydice, her stories are AMAZING. Charms of the Clarion had a great atmosphere, but all her settings are extremely vivid and different from one another. Charms of the Clarion is set in Ireland, she has one in New Orleans, one where they are stuck in a painting 40’s style, one in a winter wonderland… anything you might think of! You can find her stories on Elysian Fields. Let me know if you get to one of those, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

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      2. I haven’t read any novel-length fics, but these all sound fantastic! I’ll definitley check them out when I have some time and let you know what I think! Thank you so much for the wonderful recommendations 😊

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  9. Omg Phoebe and Cole are my OTP! I adore them 😍 I also love Willow/Tara and Luke/Lorelai!

    Wow, I have such an urge to rewatch Charmed, Buffy and OTH now!!

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