The Most Beautiful Books of 2018

capture-20181217-171715.pngHi guys! How are you? It’s the time of the year for best of the year list and I’m EXCITED! I have a few posts planned for this week, starting with my favorite book covers. I’m genuinely impressed with myself that I’ve only cover-bought like five of these, I’m counting that as personal growth. Now let’s look at some pretty covers!


29906017-side9Reign of the Fallen / What We Were Promised / This Tiny Perfect World


35604682-sideTyler Johnson Was Here / The Queen of Hearts / Always Never Yours


32618983-sideThe Serpent’s Secret / Amal Unbound / Aru Shah and the End of Time


35140599-sideAll Out / The Hazel Wood / Fierce Fairytales


35842338-sideThe Surface Breaks / Sea Witch / The Gloaming


34726469-side.jpgSky in the Deep / The Queens of Innis Lear / Girls of Paper and Fire

37854049-sideeThe Sisters of the Winter Wood / The Book of M / Circe


What do you think of my selection? Which one’s your favorite? What other book covers did you love this year? Do you dare confess how many you cover-bought?

31 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Books of 2018

  1. These are gorgeous covers! I think the pastel and illustrations ones are my favourite but the others are just as delicious. I know I shouldn’t judge a book by the cover but these are just too yummy to pass up…. those designers know what they’re doing!

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  2. This post is so gorgeous! You always have the best taste in covers.

    I’ll confess that most of the books I bought this year was just because of the cover. I can’t help myself lmao.

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  3. Sky in the Deep has one of my favorite covers even though I didn’t like the book itself. That lighting! Anyway, long-haired girl with dramatic lighting (SitD and Girls of Paper and Fire) is a cover trend I support and probably the only time I’ve ever liked covers that only had a face on them.
    Also, The Hazel Wood is so pretty! I almost want to read it just because of that.

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    1. Yes! So intense and dramatic! Definitely the best version of “face on a cover” I’ve seen. I love the cover for The Hazel Wood, but the book I’m more ambivalent about. It’s pretty good, but I wanted way more creepy fairytale vibes from it!

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    1. Thank you! I feel the same way, we can’t help being drawn to beautiful things! But I sometimes wonder about all the books I’m missing out on cause their covers didn’t capture my attention… Probably good for my tbr, haha.

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