Book Crush #1: Fairytales, Paris and the Middle Ages

capture-20181207-141309.pngIt is a truth universally acknowledged, that a bookworm in possession of a huge TBR must be in want of more books. Our poor, ignored TBR’s can side-eyes us all they want, we have absolutely zero shame in lusting after shiny new pretties. If you’re a mood reader you probably know the feeling of having 99 books and nothing to read, cause you’re only interested in a slow-burn f/f romance set in space right now. As a big mood reader I get these super intense and specific urges a lot. I call them book crushes and these are the books I’m crushing on right now.

Middle Grade Fairytale-Retellings 


I love fairytales and fairytale retellings, but I’m not the biggest middle-grade reader. I have nothing against the genre and I often love the ones I do pick up. They’re just not my go-to. They always have the most beautifully illustrated covers though, so I crush on them a lot. Right now I’m crushing hard on Snow & Rose by Emily Winfield Martin, a beautifully illustrated Snow White and Rose Red retelling and Wild Swans by Xanthe Gresham Knight, a short but stunning retelling of The Six Swans. I’m pretty sure I have Blanca & Roja to blame for this: Snow White, Rose Red, siblings and a bevy of swans…

Books set in the Middle Ages


Another genre I don’t often reach for is historical fiction. So imagine my surprise when I suddenly felt compelled to pick up some Medieval  literature. I must be missing Reign? The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, a story about a great cathedral being built, seems to be the biggest must-read of the genre. But I’m personally more drawn to The Last Hours by Minette Walters. I really like that it’s female lead and the fact that one of the protagonist’s been described as “terribly unlikable” makes me think I’ll love her.



I’ve also been adding a few books set in Paris to my TBR lately, but this isn’t unusual. I’ve always been drawn to books set in Paris, mostly because I love French movies so much. In Paris: 20 Women on Life in the City profiles 20 Parisian women: “artists, activists, booksellers, and filmmakers, aged fourteen to seventy, living in tiny attic studios, grand apartments, or houseboats”
I’ve also added two books by Clémentine Beauvais: In Paris With You, a second chance romance set in Paris and Piglettes, a YA book about three girls forming a friendship and riding their bikes to (you guessed it) Paris after being voted their school’s ugliest.capture-20181005-173312

Have you read any of these books? Or any similar ones I should check out? Are you a mood reader too? If so, what kind of books are you in the mood for right now? Are there any you’re crushing on hard?

14 thoughts on “Book Crush #1: Fairytales, Paris and the Middle Ages

  1. Fairy tales n Fairytale retellings… I love them. And like you I do get strong mood swings sometimes. Right now, I am totally for anything in Fantasy genre. Do let me know which among the above books were to your liking. 🙂

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  2. I’m DEFINITELY a mood reader! A book I’m in love with right now is The Kiss Quotient, and I’m almost done with it. It’s soo good. I’m crushing hard-core on this book that’s not out yet called Slayer by Kiersten White. I’m feeling like I need some strong female characters to boost my mood next. I love SFC in general, but I’m especially drawn to them when I’m feeling down on myself and need some inspiration. And what always seems to be a Classic mood-booster for me and the kinds of books I’m forever crushing on are fantasy/fairytale retellings!

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    1. I’ve been so many wonderful things about The Kiss Quotient, I’ll definitley pick it up when I’m in the mood for a romance! I’m super excited for Slayer too, I was a huge Buffy fan growing up and I love reading about strong female characters. They’re so inspiring! Fantasy and fairytales are the best ❤️


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