TTT: My Favorite Platonic Relationships


Hi guys! How are y’all? Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Artsy Girl. The topic this week is: Platonic Relationships in Books. Picking just ten was honestly so much harder than I thought it would be. I could’ve made a whole post on the platonic relationships in Harry Potter alone. I’m just so soft for soft friendships guys. Let’s see how many times I use the word soft in this post. (My guess: A lot.)

10. Mia and Mister Kindly – Nevernight


The relationship between Mia and Mister Kindly is perhaps best described as symbiosis. The cat-shaped shadow creature literally drinks Mia’s fear, which keeps her cool, calm and collected in dangerous situation. As an assassin in training Mia get’s into a lot of dangerous situation. Mister Kindly’s also a ball of sass and feline-condescension. So what’s not to love.

9. Sam, Patrick and Charlie – The Perks of Being a Wallflower


My favorite thing about Perks is that it takes friendship seriously and explores the importance of having good friends in your life. Charlie’s a soft wallflower who doesn’t have many friends, but when he starts high school he’s befriended by a group of older kids. Particularity fun, quirky, outgoing step-siblings Sam and Patrick who take him under their wing. I love the whole dynamic of this friend group, they’re so fun and creative.

8. Nina and Inej – Six of Crows


Nina and Inej are the only girls on the crew and even though they have very different personalities they share a special bond. I love the way they’re always checking in with each other and watching each other’s back. Seeing girls supporting girls always makes me so happy. These two queens could conquer the world together, or destroy it.

7. Zombie girl-squad – Undead Girl Gang


When Mila’s best friend dies and everyone assumes she was part of a suicide pact with the school’s mean girls, Mila decides to resurrect her BFF to find out what really happened. But she accidentally brings back the mean girls too. This book puts a unique spin on the mean girl trope and the zombie girl-squad turns out to be one of the most supportive and loving female friendship I’ve read about in a long time. Plus, they’re hilarious.

6. Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter – Harry Potter


Luna’s one of my favorite characters in the series and honestly Harry’s appreciation for her makes me like him more. Their friendship’s so soft and I always love reading their interactions. I love the way Harry respects and accepts Luna as she is and how Luna seems to understand Harry in a very intuitive way.

5. The Marauders –Harry Potter


I can’t talk about the marauders without getting just a tiny bit bitter that we have The Cursed Child, two fantastic beasts movies and still no Marauders prequel. No offense but J.K Rowling needs to sort out her priorities, this is the only new Harry Potter content I have ever wanted. I just really want to see my soft baby Remus Lupin, grungy, bad boy Siris Black and cocky, messy-haired James Potter get up to no good together. (Yes I’m ignoring Peter Pettigrew, because why wouldn’t I ignore Peter Pettigrew) Also I want to see Sirius and Remus flirt. Flirting is platonic. Right?

4. Fitz & Nighteyes – The Farseer Trilogy


In a series filled with strong and complex platonic relationships, none of them come close to touching me way the relationship between Fitz and Nighteyes does. At first Fitz is reluctant to form a bond with the young wolf pup he rescues, but eventually they start to depend on one another. Their bond is one based on mutual respect, trust, love and understanding. Or as Nighteyes would say, they are pack.

3. Karou and Zuzana – Daughter of Smoke and Bone


Karou and Zuzana’s friendship is my favorite female friendship in fiction. They love each other so much they’ll literally follow each other across the world and beyond. Rabid little fairy Zuzana is the Queen of Sass, Master of Expressive Eyebrows and Curator of Creative Vengeance upon Cheating Ex-Boyfriends., and the most loyal best friend since Samwise Gamgee.

2. Noah and Jude –  I’ll Give You the Sun


The relationship between the Sweetwine twins isn’t all sunshine and roses, and that’s what makes it so interesting. Noah and Jude are both realistic, many-layered people, with flaws, hopes, dreams and insecurities and their relationship reflects that. They compete with each other, they get jealous of each other, they punish each other, they feel guilty, they keep secrets, they try to make amends, but always they have a fierce and protective love for one another. It’s one of the most complex and dynamic relationships I’ve had the pleasure of reading about.

1. Blue and the Raven Boys – The Raven Cycle


This particular friend group is a tangled mess of complex relationships, not all of which stay platonic. What makes this group so compelling to read about is that each character has a very distinct personality and these shine through in all their interactions, so Blue’s friendship with Noah is an entirely different species than her friendship with Ronan, and that’s true for all of them. It makes them feel so real. I love them all so much and I want to join their quest.


Do you agree with my picks? What are some of your favorite platonic relationships in books? I love reading about friends and family, so I’d love some recommendations!


30 thoughts on “TTT: My Favorite Platonic Relationships

  1. I am so ecstatic that you also mentioned Perks! I chose Harry and Hermione for my Harry Potter pick, but I love both of your choices as well. I can’t believe I didn’t think of the Marauders – absolutely perfect. And Harry’s relationship with Luna is truly lovely.

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    1. Yay, another Perks fan ❤️ I love Harry and Hermoine’s friendship too! I could’ve made a whole list of just Harry Potter friendships. there’s so many great ones to choose from. Thank you very much!


  2. Perks is one of my all-time favourites, partly because of the friendships! And you’re so right about Harry and Luna, it’s a lovely friendship that I wish was explored more.
    Karou and Zuzana are also a favourite friendship of mine. You picked some great ones! ❤

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  3. I really love seeing deep platonic relationships in YA as they are soo important! I loved Sam, Charlie and Patrick’s friendship as well, because it was so heartwarming to see how they cared about Charlie and invited him to join their friendship group 😊


  4. I absolutely love platonic friendships in books too 🙂 I so love that you included Perks- that’s a great example! And I really *loved* Nina and Inej’s friendship too! And I really want to read undead girl gang 😀 And I love luna and harry’s relationship so much! And the Marauders are epic!! I love Fitz and Nighteyes too! And Karou and Zuzana! Awesome post!! 😀 ❤


  5. I loved your selection! I never would have thought of the Perks, but it’s a perfect pick. I was also surprised by the Marauders one and I seriously enjoyed your comment on priority sorting 😋 But the one I really really didn’t see coming in this list was the Fitz-Nighteyes bond and I’m so happy you included it! They are some of my favorite characters ever and their relationship alone, if nothing else, makes the books worth reading!


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