Favorite Blog Posts: October 2018

capture-20181106-161631.pngHi guys! How are you? Last time I told you that September was a really good month blogging month for me and October was even better! I’ve been enjoying writing posts and reading you guys’s posts so much. I think blogging and I are having a second honeymoon phase. Here’s some of the most interesting and inspiring posts I read in October,


Carolina @ Third Person Limited talked about her favorite tropes and gave wonderful recommendation for each one!

Carly @ Reading Is My Kind of Thing wrote two wonderful posts full of fun bookish news!

Elissa @ Elissa Reads made all our bookish Halloween dreams come true while having a ladder moment in her her beautiful Belle costume.


Gerry @ The Book Nook UK wrote a very interesting post about Little Red Riding Hood and included a list of re-tellings!

The Orangutan Librarian wrote a super interesting and insightful post about what they look for in villains.

Kathy @ Pages Below the Vaulted Sky wrote about five kinds of SFF scenes she loves and introduced me to the fantastic term competence porn.


Caro @ The Book Cheshire Cat shared some of her favorite autumn actives and recommended books to go with them!

Rachel @ Pace Amore Libri recommended some of her favorite autumn reads and I added a few to my autumn TBR.

Acqua @ Acqua di more recommended some of her favorite books featuring paranormal creatures and I love her taste in books and added to my TBR, as usual.


Kat  @ Life and Other Disasters wrote about witches having a tv- comeback and shared her thoughts on some recent witchy tv-shows.

Arub @ Arub Unwritten shared 13 of her favorite fictional wicthes and I love her list.


Did you read any interesting blog posts this month? Or did you post one you’d like me to read? Feel free to leave your links in the comments – so I can go blog hopping!

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