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At the Moment #3

capture-20180717-180937.pngHi guys! It’s been a little while! How are you? I hope you’re all having a wonderful October so far! This post’s going to be pretty Halloween themed, which is unsurprising considering how invested I get with my themes, lol. Even in my sleep I’m on theme, I’ve had two Halloween-y dreams this week. Right now I’m looking at pictures of white pumpkins on pinterest. I really want a massive white pumpkin, guy. Anyways, let’s talk about books and stuff?

…I’m reading: Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw 


The Wicked Deep is set in the cursed town of Sparrow, where 200 years ago three sisters were accused of witchcraft and drowned in the harbor. Now for a brief time each summer the sisters return, possessing the bodies of three girls to seek their revenge. Though the story takes place in the summer months, it’s atmosphere is very autumnal and eerie. The sound of the sisters song in the harbor, the stormy weather, the paranoia of not knowing which girls have been taken. I love it all. But most of all I love that I’m not sure who to root for. They all have their dark secrets and secret darkness, I think.

Sidenote: When I grow up I want a small island with a little blue house, an old lighthouse, fruit trees and stray cats, just like the protagonist’s home.

…I’m watching: Charmed


Y’all know how much I love witches and Charmed is the show that started it all. I love it so much, even the cheesy special effects make me nostalgic! I’m re-watching season 3, which is my favorite for lots of reason. But mostly for Phoebe and Cole’s love story. They were my OTP before I knew what that meant. I just watched the Halloween episode, All Halliwell’s Eve, in which the sisters are sent back to the 1600’s to help a coven of witches. The Halloween aesthetics are strong in this one, there’s pointy hats, broomsticks and pumpkins galore.

…I’m listening to: My Halloween Playlist

If you’re half as Halloween-obsessed as I am, you probably also have a Halloween playlist. Some of the most played tacks on mine are: I Miss You by Blink 182, Vampire Again by Marlon Williams and You’re So Dark by Arctic Monkeys.


What have you been reading / watching / listening to this month? Anything Halloween-themed? What shows or books or movies make you feel nostalgic? What are your thoughts on white pumpkins?

14 thoughts on “At the Moment #3

    1. I didn’t know I was a fan of revenge plots until now, but women accused of witchcraft taking revenge on the town that killed them? So here for it!

      It might be! The special effects haven’t aged well, but it’s still a fun (sometimes silly show about cool witches.

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  1. Charmed, wow, haven’t seen that in forever! The only thing Halloween-ish I’ve seen lately are the Halloween episodes of Superstore. Should probably fix that before October is over.

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  2. Season 3 of Charmed has my two favourite episodes – the one you mentioned where they go back and help the witches and the other is the very last episode where it all goes a tad wrong for them…. I really enjoyed the earlier seasons when the focus was more about the sisters and learning their powers!

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