T5W: Classics I Wish Had Modern Adaptations


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam@Thoughts on Tomes over on Goodreads. This week’s theme is: Classics I Wish Had Modern Adaptations. This was harder than I thought it would be, cause a lot of my favorite classics already have modern adaptions or their plots would be very out of place in a modern setting (locking your wife in the attic is so 1847), but I found five and I swear they’re not all by Jane Austen.

5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote


Truman Capote called Holly Golightly an American Geisha, but what about the 2018 version? My guess is she’d be a party girl with a sugar daddy who tweets sad, cryptic things at 3 a.m, and her nameless cat would be totally #instafamous.

4. Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray


This one’s actually my current read (so no spoilers, please) and the delightfully wicked Becky Sharpe has already become one of my favorite classic (anti-) heroines. It would be so fun to watch her scheme her way to the top in a modern setting.

3. Persuasion by Jane Austen


Second chance romance is one of my favorite romance tropes and Persuasion is the OG second chance love story. There’s something timeless about this, and all of Jane Austen’s novels, which makes is very easy to picture it in a modern setting. Though Wentworth’s famous letter wouldn’t be as romantic as a late night text.

2. Emma by Jane Austen


I love Emma. It’s not just my favorite Jane Austen novel, but my favorite classic as well. So of course I’d love to read a modern version of it and if it’s anything like Clueless – that’s just an added bonus.

1. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell


Probably the least well known classic on my list, North and South is the story of a girl who becomes passionate about worker’s rights and a Northern mill owner. I think the combination of social justice and an a hate to love romance would work very well in a modern setting and make for a very interesting adaption.

Let’s talk! Have you read any of these books? Do you think need a modern adaption? What other classics would love to see in a modern setting?

30 thoughts on “T5W: Classics I Wish Had Modern Adaptations

  1. I have Persuasion on mine too 🙂 Second chance romances are always great.

    “My guess is she’d be a party girl with a sugar daddy who tweets sad, cryptic things at 3 a.m, and her nameless cat would be totally #instafamous” I NEED THIS VERSION OF BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S NOW!

    Also I love North & South, especially the BBC mini-series!! The hate-to-love romance!!! I would love to see a modern version of that!

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    1. Second chance romance is lovely and Persuasion of one of the very best 💕

      I think it would be hilarious. I wish Holly Golightly was a real person, so I could follow her on twitter!

      North & South is one of my favorites, so I don’t know how or why I’ve only seen one episode of the mini-series. I should really watch the rest of it, it looks wonderful.

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  2. Have you seen the web series “Emma Approved”? It’s a modern retelling of Emma, in which our heroine has made an actual career out of telling people how to live their lives, haha! I watched it on YouTube, not sure if it’s available elsewhere.

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      1. No problem, I’m always happy to evangelise about things like that. There’s a similar webseries called “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” – No need to tell you what that’s based on. 😉


  3. I love your choices! I was actually toying with Vanity Fair as well because I think I would love a modern Becky Sharp trying to cut it in the corporate world or in the world that is a bit ‘Made in Chelsea’ where everyone is born into money and she is just making it happen.

    I haven’t read North and South but I spent a whole Saturday binge watching the BBC mini series recently and just…wowsers. I adored it! I know it sounds so weird but as I was watching it I could really picture it in a modern way and my HR hat came on when they were talking about unions and discounted canteen’s etc.

    If you haven’t watched it, it’s definitely worth a watch! It helps that I also like Richard Armitage 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! That’s so funny, I actually pictured Becky in a Made in Chelsea like setting as well! I think she’d be a Lucy Watson like character, super sassy and popular with the boys! I actually found out that there’s a modern retelling called The Rise and Fall of Becky Sharp by Sarra Manning in which Beck and Amelia meet in the Big Brother house. Though I’ve no idea if it’s a good one.

      I really need to watch North and South! The little I’ve seen looked amazing and so does Richard Armitage. You should read the book, that’s pretty amazing as well 😊

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      1. I think the modern ‘socialite’ MIC lifestyle would suit the classic well! Modern retellings of adaptations usually have me being cautious, they so rarely live up to the classics!

        I definitely need to read the book as I have no idea how the show compared but I actually loved the show. Apparently it did better than BBC thought it was going to and crashed the website and everything back when it was originally on! I very much enjoyed it!

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