3 Bookish Things Tag

capture-20180914-143017.pngHi guys! How are you? I’m doing another book-tag today, but plot-twist: I was actually tagged this time. So thanks, JJ Crafts!

3 favorite authors


🌸 Catherynne M. Valente: It makes sense that my most read author is also one of my absolute favorites. She’s the queen of lyrical writing and wild ideas, which is the best combination in the world.

🌸 Laini Taylor: Laini Taylor is the queen of  magical world-building . Every time I pick up one of her books I know I’m about to go on a beautiful adventure.

🌸 Katherine Arden: Katherine Arden wrote my favorite book of all time, The Bear and the Nightingale, which basically makes her queen of everything.

3 weirdest things used as a bookmark

🌸 A perfume sample: (The book still smells amazing)

🌸 Paint samples: Which I wrote poems on. That’s so tumblr.

🌸 A photo of a topless stranger: This one probably needs some context. I love thrift shopping and one of my favorite things about used books is all the weird stuff people leave in them. (I should do a post on that) Once I found a photo of a blonde woman posing topless in the ocean in it, so I used it as a bookmark and named her Jess.

3 Series Binged


🌸 The Riyria RevelationsI haven’t talked a lot about this series on the blog. Which is kinda weird, since it’s my favorite epic fantasy series. It’s got wonderful characters, lots of friendship and one of my favorite slow-burn romances.

🌸The Grisha Trilogy: I read all three of these back to back in 2014 and they’re still one of my favorite YA fantasy series. They ‘re also where my love for all Russian-inspired fantasy began.

🌸 A Court of Thorns and RosesThe first book was good, but the second one? Amazing! The biggest glow up from book one to book two I’ve ever experienced.

3 characters you love

🌸 Vasya: Vasya’s a fiercely independent, willful, unapologetic, slightly wild girl in a time and place where girls were only allowed to be one thing: obedient. And I love her for it.

🌸 Serafina: She might be a minor character, but she’s the queen of a witch clan who rides her broomstick underneath the northern lights, so you know… She left an impression.

🌸 Nina Zenik: She’s strong, powerful, brave, bold and understands the importance of dessert. A woman after my own heart.

3 unpopular Bookish opinions

🌸Princes ain’t shit: ‘Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.’ Catherynne M Valente. I should get this tattooed.

🌸 Purple prose is the prettiest prose: I’ll never understand what people have against lush, lyrical, descriptive writing. I don’t even care if it makes any kind of sense. His kiss taste like dark velvet and moonlight? Ok! His eyes are the color of spring and daydreams? Cool! If it sounds pretty, I’m here for it

🌸 Emma is my fave Jane Austen novel: I know a lot of people dislike Emma, but I find her delightful and Mr. Knightly is even dreamier than Mr. Darcy. I also think it’s the most entertaining of her novels. Plus it inspired Clueless (aka the best 90’s movie ever). P&P is my second favorite though, I promise.

3 popular Bookish opinions

🌸 Characters over plot: We pretty much all agree on this one right? Obviously we want both (plus great writing if at all possible), but if I gotta chose give me characters that steal my heart and destroy my soul please and thank you.

🌸 I believe in fairytales: Fairytales retellings have been very popular for a while now and I’m still. here. for it. I’d love to see more retellings of lesser known tales and non-western stories. Not gonna lie though, I’d probably read another Beauty and the Beast retelling. I’m that girl.

🌸 Enemies to lovers is the best romance trope: I mean, y’all know why. The conflict, the tension, the angst, the chemistry, the banter, the kissing. It’s good, y’all. It’s all good.

3 favourite book covers


The Bone Witch / The Surface Breaks / Under the Pendulum Sun

3 book goals for the year

🌸 Read a book in one sitting: Everytime someone says I loved this book so much I read it in one sitting, it sounds fake to me. Like, I believe you – but how hooman? I’m a pretty fast reader and I’ve never read a book in one sitting. First of all, I’m hungry. Second of all, I’m restless. But if everyone else can do it, so can I…probably.

🌸 Start reviewing books: So I’ve had a book blog for over a year and I’ve only review one book. One. That’s cause I highkey hate writing reviews and never feel like I’ve adequately expresses my thoughts. Book reviews feel like the foundation of book-blogging though, so I’d love to find a way of doing them that’s both fun for me to write and for y’all to read.

🌸 Read more: I’m not thinking about numbers here, cause I’m totally happy with the number of books I’ve read so far this year. But I would like to get better at spending my free time on reading. Instead of you know, taking quizzes that guess my astrology sign (they’re ALWAYS right, it blows my mind) or adding 35 books I don’t need to my amazon cart.

Now let’s talk, cause I have a lot of questions! Who’s your favorite author? What fairytale would you love to see retold? Have you ever read a book in one sitting? How??? And just cause I’m curious – what’s your sign?

43 thoughts on “3 Bookish Things Tag

  1. I agree with most of your bookish opinions, especially about Under the Pendulum Sun being one of the most gorgeous covers ever and witches > princes.
    I love the retelling trend – I would like some more variety in what’s retold, but I, too, would read another Beauty and the Beast retelling (and I think I’m going to do that soon). Beauty and the Beast is an enemies to lovers/monster romance story (which is the best kind of romance, what’s the point of monsters if the main character doesn’t get to kiss them), so I always want more of it.

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    1. I’d love more variety in what’s retold too! There must be thousands of fascinating, creepy, beautiful, weird, wonderful stories out there just waiting to be turned into a novel and I want to read all of them.
      “What’s the point of monsters if the main character doesn’t get to kiss them” YES 👏👏👏👏👏

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  2. Great answers!! Oh my gosh.. I’ve found some amazing things and some CRAZY things inside Library books! Especially, when I worked there.. one time… a panty liner? like what the heck? It was clean but how on earth do you get there? LOL.

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  3. Great post, I enjoyed reading your answers! I agree with characters over plot; I just love a book with amazing characters 😊 I also really like the enemies to lovers trope.
    And ahh paint samplers as bookmarks sounds so cool! I now want them as bookmarks 😂

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  4. A perfume sample as a bookmark is a great idea especially if your book is kind of old and dusty or if you just want it smell nice lol. I might have to try that sometime.

    I honestly don’t have a favorite author yet, I’m still trying to find the one author that I’ve read a lot from and finally go “this is the one”. I know that sounds weird but it sounded right in my head 😅

    YES TO ENEMIES TO LOVERS!!! MY FAVE! Alongside hate to love which is practically the same idea but its the ultimate romance trope that I love to see in books.

    Sorry for the long post but these are some really great questions and answers! 😅

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    1. I hadn’t thought of using one for dusty, old books. That’s a really good idea!

      I don’t think that sounds weird at all. That’s how I feel about my favorite authors, like everything about the stories they choose to tell and how they choose to tell them just clicks, you know? And reading a new book by them always feels like coming home. Now I’m super curious about who will become your first favorite author!

      Don’t be sorry! I love long comments💕 Thank you so much!

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  5. A lot of interesting info here, thanks for sharing! Can’t say I’ve read many of the authors or books you mentioned and I don’t have a topless stranger photo bookmark haha! I read a lot of women authors, POC, nonfiction, and memoirs. Hope you are having a great weekend!


  6. Laini Taylor YES!!! And lyrical writing is THE BEST. Honestly I don’t know how people prefer dry matter of fact writing instead of the perfection that is lyrical writing!
    Anyway, I totally agree on fairytale retellings: we need more less known fairytales and folk stories!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. That princes ain’t shit quote makes me want to read that author! I’ve never heard of Catherynne Valente… will have to look her up!! Also I kinda love this tag… I might have to do it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes my little book-lover heart so happy 😊 Let me know if you want a rec for where to start with her books, cause I’ve read most of them (I’m a little bit obsessed) I hope you do, I’d love to read your answers! So consider yourself tagged!

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      1. I’d recommend starting with The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making or In the Night Garden. Fairyland is great introduction cause it’s short, fun and fast-paced, which gives you a chance to see if you like her style (which is super purple and ornate). In the Night Garden is longer and slower, but wonderful if you like faritales and folklore. It’s basically a 1001 Night retelling with stories within stories. Plus it’s got the prince quote. Sorry this is so long, I got a little enthusiastic!

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  8. I agree with the purple prose descriptions. Does it matter of they logically make sense? No. Not if I understand the feeling.
    I love your answers. Thanks for doing the tag 🙂

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  9. I laughed so hard at the photo-bookmark sidestory. How’s Jess doing? 😂😂😂 Also I have NO IDEA how people read books in one sitting. I used to read kind-of fast, and there was a time I could read a book in a day, but never in ONE SITTING. I also totally need to get up, switch positions, do little tasks in between my reading, and go snack hunting!

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    1. She’s doing amazing, just chilling in a book somewhere on my shelf 😂😂 THANK YOU, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s incapable of this. I can get though a short one in one day, but that’s the best I can do.

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  10. Nina Zenik! Now there’s one girl who knows the importance of food! I also am in love with the enemies to lovers romantic trope – no matter what, I never tire at that. Lovely post! (I’m tempted to go thrifting after reading about Jess, you should definitely do a post on the things you’ve found!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nina’s got her priories in order and I love her for it! Thank you so much! You should totally go thrifting, you could find so many treasures! I totally will, I just have to find everything first, it’s scattered in books all over my house.

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  11. My top 3 favorite authors are Roshani Chokshi, Morgan Matson, and Leigh Bardugo. But my top 3 always change as I have many others. I haven’t read a book in one sitting in a while but I have done it before. It’s so nice to do it once and a while. I also want to read more. Also I love Nina I’m currently reading Crooked Kingdom and I love the Grisha trilogy!

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