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In Lara Jean Covey’s Library

Hi guys! How are you? It’s been way too long since I did one of these posts and I’m super excited to bring them back! Today we’re going to sneak a peek into Miss Lara Jean’s library, to celebrate the movie-adaption which was finally released on Netflix today! I’m super excited to watch it, with some cookies and hot chocolate (it’s almost fall, after all). But first, let’s snoop in Lara Jean’s bookshelves.


Lara Jean is the epitome of a soft girl. She loves pastels, cute outfits, scrap-booking and baking. She’d rather stay in with a good book and cup of a tea, than party all night. She’s a true Hufflepuff, always kind and loyal to the people she love. So what books would we find on the shelves of this hopeless romantic? I picture her (obviously color-coordinated) bookshelves stacked with cute romances, books with a focus on family dynamics and diverse reads, so that’s what I’ve picked out for her.



One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Lara Jean sometimes has a hard time deciding which boy she truly loves, Emma, the protagonist in this contemporary romance has an ever more difficult choice to make when her husband, presumed dead, is found alive. Does she stay with the man who’s her second chance at love? Or is her first love her one true love?

When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare

The heroine of this regency romance pretty makes up an imaginary fiance, just so she can stay in writing love letters, instead of being dragged to balls in search of a husband. I’m sure Lara Jean could relate. She’d also relate to the situation our heroine finds herself in when a man shows up with all her letters in hand, wanting to make good on her promise of marriage. After all – it started with a letter.

Emma by Jane Austen

Let’s be honest, there’s no way in heck Lara Jean Covey doesn’t have the complete works of Jane Austen on her shelf and though Persuasion has the most romantic love letter of all time – Emma has the sweetest romance (in my opinion) and Lara Jean could probably relate to Emma’s tendency to let her imagination run wild and her dedication her family.



One by Sarah Crossan

Lara Jean is super close to her own sister, so she’d probably love this emotional contemporary read about conjoined twins who are starting public school for the first time as teenagers, and the highs and lows that comes with it.

The Heartbeats of Wing Jones by Katherine Webber

Wing Jones has always lived in her star-athlete big brother’s shadow and she likes it that way, but when a drunk driving accident puts him in a coma – she discovers that embracing her talent as a runner might be the thing to save her family. On top of the lovely family dynamics that are the heart of the novel, there’s also a beautiful romance that would make Lara Jean swoon.

Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert

Little and Lion are step-siblings, but that doesn’t make their bond any less tight. Suzette aka. Little has spent the last year at boarding school on the East Coast. Now she’s back in L.A for the summer and her journey’s definitley one of self discovery. Much like Lara Jean, Suzette is figuring out who she is, who she wants to be with and where she wants to be.



The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

So Natasha might be Lara Jean’s opposite when it comes to romance, but her love interest, the hopeless romantic Daniel, is pretty much the boy version of Lara Jean. When the two of them have a chance encounter and spend one day together in New York, sparks definitley fly.

Love, Hate and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed

This is my actually my current read, and it’s giving me very strong Lara Jean vibes. It’s a super cute contemporary and the main characters has two cute love interests, one of which is a football player she’s been crushing on for ages, just like Lara Jean and Peter.

Emergency Contact by Mary H.K Choi

This #OwnVoices YA with a Korean protagonist is perfect for book three Lara Jean and is definitley one she should being to college with her. As it’s all about the experience of going away to college and navigating new experiences and new relationships. There’s also a cute boy who bakes. 

Let’s talk! Do you think Lara Jean would enjoy these books? What other books do you think would be on her shelf? Are you as excited to watch the movie as I am?

42 thoughts on “In Lara Jean Covey’s Library

  1. This post is so fun and creative and I loved reading it. Made me even more excited for the movie. Oh and really awesome picks for the books. I might just add some of the ones I haven’t read on my TBR.

    I’ll be watching the movie after work!

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  2. This is adorable! I have to admit I know very little about this series but I think I’m going to check the movie out on Netflix! The aesthetics in this are gorgeous!

    I’m currently reading Little & Lion and I’m enjoying it so far!

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  3. I love this. I’m so excited about the Netflix movie (it’s out?? yes!!) and think your choices are on point. Lara Jean would TOTALLY be into Emma.

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  4. Nice list!
    I haven’t read any of these, but want to read Emergency Contact.
    Also haven’t read the book with Lara Jean, so i’ll go with your suggestion – i’m sure she would?!? 😀

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  5. Such a cute and creative idea!! I loved this book and the movie was so great as well! I just wrote a review of the book so now I have all the feels again haha! Also, great choice of The Sun is Also a Star. loved that book. I agree, Daniel and Lara Jean are both hopeless romantics and it’s so cute. Have you watch the movie yet? If not I hope you love it! 😊

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  6. The perfect post in honor of the movie release! 😍 I love reading these types and posts and I totally agree with your choices, these are all books that would fit perfectly on Lara Jean’s shelves! She is such a soft Hufflepuff girl for sure 💕

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  7. EEEEEP GO WATCH THE MOVIE ASAPPPPP. IT WAS JUST BRILLIANT AND ADORABLE ASDFGHJL. 😍😍😍 I totally agree that Love, Hate & Other Filters would be on Lara Jean’s shelves! It was a quick read that was mostly light, perfect for Lara Jean. And this post just reminds me that I need to finally go ahead and read a Tessa Dare book!? I love the premise for When a Scot Ties the Knot!

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  8. this is an amazing (and gorgeous) post!!! ALL OF THESE BOOKS SEEM SO AMAZING AND PERFECT, ESPECIALLY EMMA!!! c: c: now I need to read your other character library posts.

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