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At the Moment #1

capture-20180717-180937.pngHi guys! How are you? Today I thought I’d try little something different. Instead of just raving about books (which are obviously my first love forever) I want to talk about some other stuff I’ve loving as well. I stole this idea from the lovely Lauren from Lauren and the Books who’s been doing monthly videos like this for a while. This might turn into a regular thing, if I actually have anything other than books to talk about (which is less likely than you’d think)

…I’m reading: Bruja Born by Zoraida Córdova


Labyrinth Lost was one of my favorite reads in 2017, so of course Bruja Born was one of my most anticipated 2018 releases. It’s told from the POV of Alex’s older sister Lula, who I adored in Labyrinth Lost. I’m only a few chapters in and Lula’s story already has a darker, more emotional feel. I never cry at books and this one got me in the first chapter. What fresh sorcery is this???

…I’m watching: Old-school rom-coms


At the start of the month I watched Set It Up on Netflix and it made me super nostalgic for the old school rom-coms I grew up watching. So I made my mom watch a bunch with me. We watched When Harry Met Sally,  Sleepless in Seattle and Four Weddings and a Funeral, which were all new to me, and Notting Hill, which isn’t. I’ve probably seen it 20 times, but I never get bored with it. It has everything a girl could want in a rom-com: floppy-haired Hugh Grant, a Welshman casually wearing scuba gear, a pretty pathetic car chase and of course, a swoony romance. The reader of Horse & Hound are delighted.

…I’m listening to: Here We Are Again by CAGGIE


Earlier this month Caggie Dunlop finally released her first single and I love it. It’s a really fun and summery, yet nostalgic pop song about bumping into an ex and realizing all those feelings are still there.

Let’s talk! What are you reading right now? Are you enjoying it? Do you have a favorite rom-com? What’s your stand on floppy hair? (I’m all for it.)

32 thoughts on “At the Moment #1

  1. I love this post! It’s always fascinating to me to see someone’s preferences outside of books! I’d never heard of Caggie before so I went to listen to the song and I reallllly like it!!

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    1. Thank you! I was a little nervous about branching out, so I’m very glad you think so 😊 She was on a UK reality show kind of like The Hills and I always loved her voice. Yay, I’m happy you like it!

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  2. I love this post idea! I’m also obsessed with old-school romcoms!! When Harry Met Sally is one of my FAVES & if you haven’t seen it, you should totally check out Pretty Woman if you’re into Julia Roberts’ movies!

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  3. We are totally on the same wavelength right now. I am reading Labryinth Lost for book club and I’ve been rewatching old favorite romcoms — just watched Notting Hill and Wimbledon this week!! (as well as the new Set It Up — can we talk about how Taye Diggs’ character having severe anger issues? not cute). So I’m feeling this post.

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    1. I love it! Are you enjoying Labyrinth Lost? You’re so right, destroying other people’s property (or even your own tbh) is not a good look. Tantrums look best on toddlers. Thank you 💕


  4. I loved Bruja Born from the first chapter too. The first book didn’t work for me as much as I hoped but I realized I was going to like this one a lot just after a few pages.
    I’m currently – slowly, it’s slower than I thought it would be – reading Spinning Silver. It’s good but I really don’t understand why they published it in July, it’s such a winter book…

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    1. Los Lagos was my favorite thing about Labyrinth Lost, so I was a little nervous I wouldn’t enjoy this one, since it’s all set in New York. But I love getting to see more of the family dynamics and especially all three sisters. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying it! The timing’s weird, but I do love wintery reads…

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  5. Just watched Set It Up and it was so good!! I’m currently watching Modern Family S3, kinda late to join the hype I know 😂

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      1. What? I thought I’m the only one in this planet who haven’t watched it 😂


  6. Old school rom-coms!! I think I’ve always enjoyed Sleepless in Seattle mainly because my mom has always loved Meg Ryan movies. Also You’ve Got Mail. Rom coms are so much fun!

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  7. I’m reading Words in Deep Blue and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before right now. Im listening to Everything I’ve Never Told You on audiobook. All these books are great! Have you read them? Also I absolutely love love the movie Sleepless in Seattle! 😍

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    1. I’ve read Everything I Never Told You and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and I loved both so much! I really want to read Words in Deep Blue, but I haven’t picked up a copy yet, so I’d love to hear what you think of it 😊 I love Sleepless in Seattle too, old rom-coms are the best!


  8. There is always that time in the year when I’m in the mood for old-school rom-coms. I recently watched Four Weddings and a Funeral and Set it Up for the first time, and really had fun with them both!


  9. But seriously, love this idea, I struggle with the WWW, especially when I’m reading the same thing every week. I might do this for weeks I don’t have anything new to put, or maybe every other Friday … hmmm anyways, my boyfriend made me watch Notting Hill (I know, you’d think it would be the other way round) and I really liked it.

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    1. Thank you so much 💕 I’m very happy you like it enough to steal it. I struggle with memes like that too, cause it feels like I *have* to have something to talk about on that specific day each week and I just…don’t. Your boyfriend has excellent taste in rom-coms!

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  10. Not gonna lie, floppy hair is EVERYTHING! I adore it so much haha I don’t even know where that particular love comes from, but there is definite love there haha
    I am so glad you enjoyed Set It Up. As far as recent rom-coms go, it’s one of my faves!! But I do love the old stuff such as You’ve Got Mail or as a teen I was really into Cinderella Story and She’s the Man. Rom-coms are just awesome ❤


  11. OH MY GOSH ROMANTIC ROM COMS!!!! I want to rewatch Can’t Buy me Love again, with young smol McDreamy!!!! i love this blog post sm c:


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