T5W: Non-Canon Ships aka. The Gay Ships We Deserve

Hi guys! It’s time for another Top 5 Wednesday! T5W is a weekly meme hosted by Sam@Thoughts on Tomes over on Goodreads. This month is rewind month, which means we can choose to do any past topic we missed or loved so much that we want to do it again. This week I’m doing: Non-Canon Ships. So get excited, cause shit’s about to get gay!

5. Diana and Alia, Wonder Woman: Warbinger 


Mythological warrior princess meets New York science-nerd? I’m so here for it. More lesbian kisses for everyone, please.

4. Summer and River, The Graces


I’m still disappointed in River for wanting blonde, bland Fenrin when witchy goth-girl Summer was right there. But there’s always the sequel, I guess?

3. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, Harry Potter


Remus Lupin and Sirius Black are obviously husbands. Fight me.

2. Karou and Zuzana, Daughter of Smoke and Bone


I’ve never rooted so hard for the main character to ditch her broody love interest and run away to Marrakesh with her sassy best friend, to make art and make out.

1. Nina and Inej, Six of Crows


Nina and Inej would be the f/f power couple we deserve. These queens could take over the world, burn it down or make dessert – and I’d want to read a book about it.

Do you ship any of these characters? What’s your favorite non-canon ships?

39 thoughts on “T5W: Non-Canon Ships aka. The Gay Ships We Deserve

  1. I went into WW: Warbringer hoping Diana/Alia was going to happen, the synopsis was ambiguous enough, but no. And I haven’t read the Graces but I feel the disappointment anyway – why a boy when there’s a witchy goth gf Right There?
    My favorite non-canon ship is Clara/Rose from The Way You Make Me Feel. There was the perfect hate-to-love set up but we needed a boy (that m/f romance was cute, but the wasted potential!)

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    1. I was really hopeful too! It would’ve made the book so much better and it would’ve been cool to see a f/f ship in such a popular mainstream YA book. I know right? Why do they always go for the boring boy? There’s going to be a sequel though, so I’m still (slightly) hopeful this one could happen. I haven’t read that one yet, but just from your description I’m so ready to ship it!

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      1. This. Especially considering that in every other book, a dual perspective with a girl PoV and a boy PoV always mean the two fall in love, and it’s subversive if they don’t… there was no reason but heteronormativity for Diana and Alia not to be together.

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      2. Exactly! Dual POV’s almost always = romance between the MC’s, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t here just because both MC’s happen to be female. Heteronormativity is the enemy of good ships!

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      1. I literally just saw a post on Tumblr about how easy it would have been to include ANY queer relationships in HP. There are so many side characters and side couples that get mentioned, you could have easily made some of them queer, but nooo.

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  2. I was rooting for Diana and Alia as well, I really thought they would be great together.
    I also wanted Agnieska and Kasia from Uprooted to end up together. I actually got really angry when that ship didn’t sail. 😊

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  3. This is such an interesting idea for a post! I agree with you on Karou and Zuzana, honestly I didn’t like Akiva and I think Karou would have been better with someone like Zuzana. Also, I agree to some degree with Inej and Nina, just because I never completely liked Mathias and I think Inej and Nina together would have worked better, but I do like Inej and Kaz, so I’m conflicted. Anyway, great post and those aesthetics you put together are gorgeous!

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    1. I wasn’t a big fan of Akiva either, while Zuzana’s one of my all time favorite characters, so of course I’d ship Karou with her instead. I get that! I actually like both Mathias and Kaz, so I’m fine with the ships in the book. I just think Inej and Nina would’ve been even better, especially since f/f ships in fantasy are so rare. Thank you so much, I’m really happy you think so!!!

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  4. OMG I ship Remus and Sirius too!
    Eventhough Kaz and Inej is my main ship, I wouldn’t mind Nina and Inej, they are so adorable together!
    I love your moodboards.😊
    It’s really sad these aren’t canon. Well, we have to fix that with fanfictions. 😁

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  5. OMG Karou and Zuzanna FOR SURE. I actually never read past book one of DOSAB, but remember thinking the male characters were meh compared with the female characters. Love your photo edits as well, they’re such a nice aesthetic addition to your posts!

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