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T5W: Recent TBR Additions

Hi guys! It’s time for another Top 5 Wednesday! T5W is a weekly meme hosted by Sam@Thoughts on Tomes over on Goodreads. This month is rewind month, which means we can choose to do any past topic we missed or loved so much we want to do again. This week I’m doing Most Recent Additions to Your TBR. Since I don’t do a lot of TBR-posts or book hauls, I don’t write a lot about books I haven’t read yet – unless they happen to be new releases. So I thought this would be a nice opportunity to talk about some backlist-books I’m excited to read and have just added to my TBR!capture-20180509-175144.png


5. Fireworks by Katie Cotugno

From Katie Cotugno comes Fireworks, about a girl who is competing with her best friend to become the new pop star of the moment, and all the drama and romance that comes with it, set in Orlando during the late-’90s boy-and-girl-band craze.

In by Bookish Buzz-Word post I wrote about my love for 90’s aesthetic and got this awesome recommendation from Pages and Pugs. I was a huge Spice Girls fan growing up, I had more Spice Girls posters than wall space, so of course this one went straight on my tbr.



4. The Beast Player by Nahoko Uehashi

Elin’s family have an important responsibility: caring for the Toda, fearsome water serpents who form the core of their Lord’s army. So when a number of Toda mysteriously die, it is Elin’s mother who takes the blame, and the punishment – she is sentenced to death.

I was drawn to this one mostly because of the beautiful cover, but after the reading the blurb I’m even more excited to get my hands on a copy. I love that it’s set in Japan and that the main character has the ability to speak with animals – that’s always been one of my favorite magical abilities to read about.



3. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

At the Convent of Sweet Mercy young girls are raised to be killers. But even the mistresses of sword and shadow don’t truly understand what they have purchased when Nona Grey is brought to their halls as a bloodstained child of eight, falsely accused of murde
r: guilty of worse.

I mentioned in my Bookish Nope-Words post that I don’t usually like books about assassins, but I’ve heard too many amazing things about this book to not give a chance. I do like darker fantasy and anti-heroines, so hopefully this will be a perfect match!



2. Last Song Before Night by Ilana C. Myer

23704941.jpgLong ago, poets were Seers with access to powerful magic. Following a cataclysmic battle, the enchantments of Eivar were lost–now a song is only words and music, and no more. But when a dark power threatens the land, poets who thought only to gain fame for their songs face a task much greater: to restore the lost enchantments to the world. 

After reading Kathy’s beautiful review of the author’s second book Fire Dance I added both books to my TBR. All I really know about this one is that it’s fantasy novel which features magic, songs and poetry – and that sounds wonderful to me.



1. Amberlough by Lara Elena Donnelly

A double-agent sacrifices all his ideals in order to save his smuggler lover before a government coup takes over their decadent city.

I’ve known about this book for a while, but wasn’t interested in picking it up until I read acquadimore’s review of it, which promises queer characters, messy relationships and beautiful aesthetics, aka three of my favorite things. She also said the book’s evil, which is obviously a good thing.




Let’s talk! Have you read any of these books? Would you recommend picking them up? What books have you recently added to your TBR? And most importantly, who was your favorite Spice Girl? (Mine was Baby Spice!)

30 thoughts on “T5W: Recent TBR Additions

  1. I love this list! I was so interested in The Beast Player that I just purchased it online lol. I felt the exact way about Red Sister, assassin’s aren’t my thing but the hype got me.

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  2. I haven’t read Red Sister yet but own it’s eBook version. It will be read sometime soon. Hope you will enjoy it and looking forward to seeing your review once you read it. 😊

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  3. I watched the anime adaptation for The Beast Player. It’s called Kemono no Souja Erin. It was really amazing and I think its pretty underrated. I’ve always wanted to read the actual novel but it had never been translated into English until recently, so I’ll hoping to buy it soon!

    The story itself though from what I know from the anime, is like a coming of age fairytale but SUPER SAD. Prepare yourself for a lot of tears. However I also know that the novel and the anime have some major differences apparently, so I can’t say what I know about the anime will be the same as the novel. Like the MC’s name in the anime was Erin, but apparently her name in the book is Elin.

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    1. Oh, I didn’t know it had been adapted! I’ve actually never watched an anime, so if I enjoy the novel I’ll definitley try that one and see if I like it.

      That sounds wonderful to me, I love both coming of age stories and fairytales. I can’t say I love crying, but I do love books that make me feel a lot of emotions, so close enough!

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  4. Last Song Before Night is one I’m considering too – I had never heard of it before this month but I’m in love with this cover and Fire Dance’s.
    The only thing I’ve read by Katie Cotugno was a short story and it was lovely, I hope her novels are too. And Amberlough! I’m still not over it and I’m afraid of the sequel.

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  5. I’m so hyped about Red Sister, I’ve heard only great things about it and I really want to read it sometime soon!! I’m so and so about Fireworks because I’ve read her debut and disliked it so much, so I’m a bit hesitant about picking up something else by her. 🙈
    Lovely post ❤

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    1. Me too! I’ve only heard amazing things about it. I haven’t read any of Katie Cotugno’s books yet, but finger’s crossed this one if better than her debut then 🙂 Thank you so much 💕


  6. There are a lot of interesting titles! *_* Red Sister is on my wishlist, I am dying to start this series, but I have promised myself to finish the other series of the same author that I am reading before starting this new one.
    Also, The Beast Player has a wonderful cover, and the plot seems interesting! 🙂

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  7. I’ve also been meaning to read Katie Cotugno’s FIREWORKS. I read her debut, HOW TO LOVE and liked it and then her second book, 99 DAYS and absolutely loved it. I hope you enjoy FIREWORKS!

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