The 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards

Hi guys! I’m really excited for today’s post cause I get to do one of my favorite things: gush about my amazing, talented, wonderful fellow book bloggers! The Book Blogger awards were created by Joce @ Write Through the Night and these are my nominations.


Best Teen Blogger

Acquadimore Books // Acqua’s blog is amazing and I always love reading her post, especially her reviews which are always honest, insightful and interesting. I’ve added so many books to my tbr because of her and I trust her opinions completely.

Flying Paperbacks // LaRonda’s blog is lovely and she has so many good ideas for fun and different posts. I love her Might I Recommend series!

Best Adult Blogger

Life and Other Disasters // Kat’s an amazing blogger and so friendly. I love reading all her posts about books and movies, I’ve gotten so many great recommendations from her. She also writes awesome book reviews, of course.

A Word and a Whisper // Mel’s a new blogger and I haven’t been following her for very long – but I already love her blog. All her posts are so interesting to read and she seems like a lovely person.

Best Book Blogger from an Underrepresented/Minority Group

Red Rocket Panda // Avery’s posts are some of my favorite’s to read, they’re always so well-crafted, interesting and meaningful. You can tell how much thought and work goes into them and I find that so impressive, especially since he posts so frequently as well. I’m a little bit in awe!

Uwadis // Etinosa is a Nigerian blogger and her blog is fantastic. I love reading all her posts about diversity and hearing her perspective on our mutual favorite (and her fellow Nigerian) Nnedi Okorafor’s books is always super interesting.



Young Adult

readctbooks // Cindy’s blog is just wonderful, it’s so aesthetically pleasing and I love reading her book reviews. Lately she’s also been doing weekly posts about bookish news and they’re the best!

Melanie Loves Fiction // I love Melanie’s blog and reading her posts always brightens my day! She’s such a positive and enthusiastic reviewer, who spreads so much love and sunshine in the community.

Middle Grade

The Book Chamber // Leigh-Ann reads and reviews books from lots of different genres, but she loves middle grade and even has a new feature on her blog called Middle Grade Mondays.


Tea & Strumpets // This beautiful blog is run by two brilliant and hilarious women and I love reading their very insightful thoughts on romance novels.

Science Fiction / Dystopian / Fantasy

Literary Alliteration // Julie’s one of the loveliest bookish-people I’ve met and her blog is fantastic. She writes the best reviews, the best wrap-ups and is the best source of SFF recommendations.

New Adult

Books, trust and pixiedust // Heather has so many lovely, unique features on her blog. I love her Moodboard Mondays and Character of the Week posts.

Literary Fiction / Classics /  Poetry

Reading in Winter // Kristilyn’s blog is lovely and I love reading her posts, especially the ones about Canadian literature – cause they always introduce me to new books and authors. She’s also a The National fan, which unreasonably makes me love her blog even more.

Mystery and Thriller

The Traveling Inkwell // I’m not a big mystery/thriller fan, but I love reading Kaila’s blog. I’ve even ended up adding some thrillers too my tbr because of her, she’s that good!



Best book reviews

Mel to the Any // Melanie is my bookish soulmate. I trust her opinions completely and her enthusiasm always makes me want to read whatever book she’s reviewing.

Kristin Kraves Books // I adore the way Kristin formats her reviews, they’re so aesthetically pleasing, easy to read and give you a nuanced impression of the book.

pace, amore, libri // Rachel’s reviews are honestly perfection, they’re insightful, concise and eloquent written. I admire her writing so much.

The Master of Weekly Features

The Book Cheshire Cat // Caro’s blog is amazing and I love reading all her posts, but I first discovered it through the Top 5 Wednesday meme, which Caro is the master of. You can tell she puts so much effort into them and they’re always super unique and fun to read.

Life of a Literary Nerd // Danielle does a lot of weekly features I enjoy reading. I love her WWW Wednesday post, cause I always end up adding some of her recent reads to my  TBR.

Reading is My Kind of Thing // Carly’s blog is so lovely, I adore her content and her aesthetic. Her Top 5 Wednesday’s post are always a lot of fun to read!



Best New Book Blogger

Pages Below the Vaulted Sky // Kathy’s blog is beautiful in every way and I adore everything about it. She writes the most lovely revives, super interesting discussion posts and lots of other wonderful posts y’all should be reading.

Milkz’ Bookshelf // Justine’s blog is really, really new, she actually started it this month, which makes it even more impressive that she’s already posted such a variety of wonderful posts and reviews. I look forward to following her blogging-journey!

Best Overall Book Blogger

The Cursed Books // Marta’s blog was my inspiration when I first started blogging (and still is tbh) – it’s the most aesthetically beautiful blog I’ve seen and her content is just as amazing. Everything she posts is so creative, interesting and well-written. And she’s a super friendly, lovely person as well. I admire her so much!

Books of Magic // I love Marina’s blog so much. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and seeing a new post from her on my feed always makes me happy.

The Orangutan Librarian // This blog is amazing and I have so much admiration for this blogger, they produce so much creative, original and entertaining content. I always love reading their posts!

Let’s keep spreading the bookish love, tell me some of your favorite bookbloggers in the comments! And thanks for reading!

33 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards

  1. Thank you so so much for this! It’s really intimidating to start something new, and it’s really nice to see that someone is enjoying my work ^^

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  2. AAhhHH. Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the weekly updates!! They’re some of my favourites and I find them so fun to write!


  3. I’ve seen this when you first posted it, but I needed to take some time because wow, you made me absolutely emotional 😭 I can’t believe you nominated me for best book blogger and what you said, omg. I can’t believe I’m your inspiration 😢 Thank you so much for everything!!! You made my entire year!

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