T5W: Ideal Mash-Ups aka The Books of my Dreams

Hi guys! It’s time for another Top 5 Wednesday! T5W is a weekly meme hosted by Sam@Thoughts on Tomes over on Goodreads. This week’s theme is: Ideal Mash-Ups. “You know those comp titles they list in synopses that read something like “perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones”! What would be some of your favorite mash ups, that would make you pick up a book? Remember, you can also incorporate games, tv, movies, etc. Get creative!”

I had so much fun with this topic, even if some of my first ideas were a little…out there. LOTR meets Pokémon? One Pokéball to rule them all? No? How about Lilo and Stitch meets Borne? Moana meets The Little Mermaid in a f/f retelling? Frozen meets War and Peace? I have ideas, guys and they’re not all Disney movies. I promise.


5. Game of Thrones meets Circe


I’d love a retelling of Greek mythology with the scope and scale of Game of Thrones. I want the epic battles and impossible journeys, the heroes and villains, the monsters and fantastical creatures and most of all I want the women’s side of the story – like we got in Circe.

4. The 100 meets Grisha


I’m not usually one for dystopians, but picture this: a post-apocalypic setting, morally grey characters and warring clans, then throw some grisha-powers into the mix and watch it go boom.

3. Deathless meets Language of Thorns


I can’t even decide if what I want is for Catherynne M. Valente to write a book of reimagined fairytales or for Leigh Bardugo to turn Language of Thorns into a novel a la Deathless, but I’m not picky – I’ll take either. Just kidding, I want both.

2. Charmed meets Clueless


Can you imagine anything better than this? Witchy teen-sisters in high school wearing 90’s fashion and meddling in people’s love lives. That’s literally my aesthetic. Also: I lowkey ship Phoebe and Josh now. Help.

1. The Craft meets The Secret history


If you thought you’d only be seeing one set of 90’s witches here today, you must not know me very well. A mix of The Craft and The Secret History would be full of dark magic, grey morals, unlikable characters and you know, murder. So, sign me up.


capture-20180418-150505.jpgThis topic got me thinking of books I’ve seen be compared to other books/movies and whether that made me want to read them. So here are a few books I’ve actually bought or added to my TBR cause they sound like ideal mash-ups:


Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton – Black Swan + Pretty Little Liars

The Wicked Deep by Sarah Ernshaw – Hocus Pocus + Practical Magic + Salem Witch Trials

A Conspiracy of Stars by Olivia A. Cole – Avatar + Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Done Dirt Cheap by Sarah Nicole Lemon – Sons of Anarchy + Thelma & Louise

Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust – Frozen + The Bloody Chamber

What would your ideal mash-ups be? Would you want read any of mine if they were real? Have you ever bought a book cause it sounded like a great mash-up? And if you have – did it live up to your expectations? Let me know in the comments!



38 thoughts on “T5W: Ideal Mash-Ups aka The Books of my Dreams

    1. Forgot to add: I haven’t read Circe yet but it’s getting bumped up higher and higher on my TBR list.
      I enjoyed reading your list and liked your final section – what a great idea! 👌

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  1. I have Tiny Pretty Things, The Wicked Deep, Done Dirt Cheap, and Girls Made of Snow and Glass on my shelf as well and I can’t wait to get to them!

    Charmed meets Clueless sounds like it’d be so much fun and very 90s. The Craft meets The Secret History sounds awesome too.

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    1. I’ve read Done Dirt Cheap and it was really good, it’s a very gritty and different take on the coming of age story. I’m excited to get to the others as well 🙂

      I agree, the world needs more 90’s witches!

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  2. Sign me up for a Charmed and Clueless mashup. I also would love a The Craft and The Secret History mashup. Clueless and The Craft are movies I can watch multiple times. I pretty much watch Clueless once a year.

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  3. I need a Game of Thrones + Greek mythology series IMMEDIATELY. And if you want Catherynne Valente’s version of fairytales, I highly recommend In the Night Garden. It’s not quite a retelling–more like building on common fairytale tropes–but it’s still pretty amazing.

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    1. Me too, it would be so epic. Especially if there’s monsters in it. In the Night Garden is one of my absolute favorites! I’m actually planning to reread it soon, it’s so dense and complex – I feel like I probably missed some things on my first read 🙂

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  4. Oh gosh I love this post!! A GOT style retelling of mythology- I am *there*!! And I never would have thought of 100 with Grisha powers, but that’d be awesome!! haha Charmed and Clueless would be fantastic as well! Brilliant post!


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