Top 10 Authors I’d like to Read in 2018

Hi guys! After writing my Top 10 Tuesday post about new to me authors I discovered in 2017 I’ve been thinking about what new (to me) authors I want to read in 2018. These are all author’s who’s books I’ve owned/been interested in for a while and just haven’t gotten to yet for various reasons.

1. Christoffer Isherwood

I’m so excited to finally read some Isherwood this year. For some reason his books weren’t on my radar until my mom gave me one of his novels. I’d heard good thing about them, but never really thought of picking one up. But after reading just a couple of pages of A Single Man – I have a feeling that this is an author I’m going to love.


2. Roberto Bolaño

I love long books and both the Bolaño novels I own are massive. The reason I haven’t gotten to them yet is that I own so many books I want to read and my brain keeps telling me that if I read the shorter ones first, I’ll get through the stacks quicker. And that….doesn’t even make sense, brain.


3. Susan Dennard

Of all the writers on this list Susan Dennard is the one I really can’t believe I haven’t read yet. Witches are my favorites. These books have have witch right there in the title. The main characters are witches. The books are set in the Witchlands. I need to read them.


 4. Kiersten White

If you didn’t know, I’m kind of obsessed with anti-heroines. Every time I talk about that someone tells me I need to read And I darken and I’m going to. I don’t know why I haven’t yet. It sounds epic and Julie’s told me it’s very Slytherin.


5. Danzy Senna

I bought New People back when it first came out, but kind of forgot about it until it started popping up on Best of the Year lists. Now I’m excited to read it all over again and snce It’s a very short book making time for it shouldn’t be too hard.


6. Jeff Zentner

Ever since I fell in love with Perks I’ve been weak for gritty, gut-punchy contemporaries about friendship. Both of Jeff Zentner’s YA novels sound like the kind of stories that will destroy my soul, which is probably why I haven’t already read them. But they sound too good to keep putting off, so hopefully I’ll get to them this year.


7. Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri is an author I keep hearing amazing things about and who’s books are always included in lists and articles of recommendations. I’m genuinely interested in reading her books – but for some reason I just haven’t. I own The Namesake, so I’ll probably start with that one, but all her books sound really interesting to me.


8. Ruth Ozeki

I feel like I put A Tale for the Time Being on every TBR I made the last year, but I never read it and I really don’t know why. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things, the plot intrigues me, I love reading books set in Japan, the few pages I’ve read were fantastic… I really need to get to it in 2018. For real this time.


9. Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende is definitely my most owned, unread author. I must have at least ten of her books and I still haven’t read a single one. I really hope to change that in 2018. I’m thinking I should start with her most beloved: The House of Spirits, but I’m also very drawn to her YA fantasy novel: City of the Beast. It’s about a boy who goes on an expedition in the Amazon, with his grandmother. How cool does that sound?


10. China Miéville

China Miéville’s the only author on my list I don’t own any books buy and the reason for that is pretty ridiculous. I just can’t decide which of his books I should buy first. They all sound so brilliantly bizarre. Right now I’m leaning towards Perdido Street Station or Embassytown, but if you have any recommendation please let me know!


Have you read any books by these authors? Any opinions on what books I should start with? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Authors I’d like to Read in 2018

  1. I want to read more of Jhumpa Lahiri’s books this year. I remember reading The Namesake years ago and loving it. I’d love to do a reread of that one and dive into more of her books. I hope you can get to all of your authors!

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  2. It looks like we’re on the same wavelength when it comes to China Miéville! Planning on starting with The City & the City myself because the BBC are bringing out a miniseries of it sometime this year and I want to get in on that, though it helps it’s apparently one of his best-loved books as well. Not the kind of book he usually writes either, so while it did win basically all the awards, Perdido Street Station or Embassytown sound like the better books. Definitely Perdido is where I want to go next!

    I hadn’t been thinking about it at all, but now I’m in the mood to make my own Top 10 Authors for 2018, so here we go! In no particular order:

    1) Becky Chambers
    2) Katherine Arden
    3) China Miéville
    4) Laini Taylor
    5) Sylvain Neuvel
    6) Claire North
    7) Brooke Bolander
    8) William Gibson
    9) Seth Dickinson
    10) Ada Palmer


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    1. Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind when I decide. Right now I’m kind of leaning towards Embassytown cause it’s set in space. But we’ll see 🙂

      I’m so happy to see Katherine Arden and Laini Taylor on your list! They’re two of my favorites, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned once or twice. I really like Becky Chambers too. You’ll have to let me know what you think of Ada Palmer and Sylvain Neuvel’s books, I’m very curious about them.


  3. Excuse me for a second while I write down the names of all of these authors. I’ve heard of a few of them, but all of them look promising! I’ll say it again, you have to read And I Darken this year. If you do it, I’ll reread Truthwitch and give it another chance. With that said, I’d really like to read some Laini Taylor and Becky Chambers this year.


  4. I want to read 2666 too, but it’s a little bit scary also. It’s so big and I have a VERY big book coming to me (Romance of the Three kingdoms). I have never heard of Isherwood before! Also that Allende YA sounds interesting!

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  5. I’ve had Isherwood’s The Berlin Novels for a good few years now. I was really excited to read it, then I put it on a shelf and promptly forgot about it. As you do.

    Fingers crossed this year will be the year though! I’ll keep an eye out for what you think of his work – maybe it’ll prompt me to pick it up! 🙂

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