Books I’ve Read More Than Once

Hi! We’re getting close to the end of the year, which means it’s almost time to pick of favorite books of the year. While looking through my books I keep discovering ones I want to reread. Now I say that a lot, about a lot of books, but I very rarely get around to it. Of course there’s a good reason for that. With nearly 300 books on my shelves waiting to be read I generally feel it’d be rude not to. But as I’ve mentioned before I want my reading to be fun and free, I want to read whatever I want, whenever I want, and that includes rereads. So I’m putting together a lit (Yes, I do realize making a list is counterproductive when I just said I want my reading to be free. But I really like lists, ok?) of books I want to reread. But first I’ve had a look through my Goodreads shelves and found all the books that I’ve actually already read more than once.


The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden
Have I mentioned that The Bear and the Nightingale is my favorite book? Yes? Well, The Bear and the Nightingale is my favorite book! It came out in January and I’ve already read it twice. It’s the perfect blend of a Russian Fairyale and historical fiction, I just can’t recommend it enough.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
My mom bought me Perks for Christmas a few years ago and I read it in one sitting. I reread it earlier this year and loved it just as much as the first time. What makes this book so special to me is that it really focuses on the importance of friendship. The Perks squad is the best squad.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote
I’ve read this book once a year since the first time I read it, a tradition I’d like to keep going. Holly Golightly is a delightful character to revisit and I think I’ll always have something to learn from Capote’s crystal clear prose.

Crush by Richard Siken
I like to take Janet Fitch’s advice: Always learn poems by heart. They have to become the marrow in your bones. So while I’ve only read this whole collection twice, I’ve read some of thes poems countless time. This is one: Little Beast.


Ronia the Robber’s Daughter by Astrid Lindgren
I’ve read most of Astrid Lindgren’s books at least twice. But my favorite of hers and the only one I’ve read more than once in recent years is Ronia the Robber’s Daughter. I was such a wild child and related very much to free-spirited Ronia who screams with joy each spring when the snow is finally gone and she can run free in her beloved forest.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis
I’m a little embarrassed to admit I still haven’t read the complete Chronicles of Narnia. I have however read the first (or second, depending on your point of view) book many times. Every time I read it I’m enchanted by it’s magic and for some reason no other scene from literature is as vivid is my memory as Lucy’s first meeting with Mr Tumnus under the Lamp-post.


Prozac Nation and More Now Again by Elizabeth Wurtzel
I first read Elizabeth Wurtzel’s memoirs about depression and addiction when I was 12-13, and re-read them both ’till they were falling apart throughout my early teens. She was like a cooler, wilder, more experienced older sister in book form, who helped me make sense of a lot of what I was going through and probably saved me from making some of the mistakes she did.


The Hobbit by J. R.R. Tolkien and Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien
The Hobbit was one of the books my mom used to read to me when I was little and probably what sparked my love for fantasy adventure stories. The Lord of the Rings books I read myself when I was 11 and I didn’t enjoy them nearly as much. I’ve since reread them a couple of times and though they’ve grown on me, I still like The Hobbit best.


The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
Like everyone else I grew up reading the Harry Potter books. I went to the midnight releases. I stayed up all night to reading them. I love them with all my heart. I’m rereading the whole series at the moment and I’m currently on Prisoner of Azkaban – which has always been my favorite (The Knight Bus! Hogsmeade! Hermione punching Malfoy! Remus Lupin! Sirius Black!) So far it’s keeping the title, but you never know. They’re all so good.


Heaven and Hell Trilogy by Jón Kalman Stefánsson
The first time I read this trilogy about a boy’s coming of age in 19th century Iceland I was so invested in the plot and so shocked by the second book’s cliffhanger ending that I was actually waiting outside the bookstore when they opened the next morning so I could get my hands on the third one before work. Once I knew how it all turned out, I had to read them again just to savor the beautiful writing.


His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman 

I didn’t grow up with the His Dark Materials books like so many others did and only read them for the first time in 2014. I absolutely love the world Pullman’s created in these books, so I was super excited to hear he was going to return to it in The Book of Dust. Since it’s been a while since 2014 I decided to reread the original trilogy before the new book came out. This time I listened to the audiobooks and it was an amazing experience. They’re read by the author himself and a full cast for the different characters. I still haven’t read The Book of Dust, but I’m so excited to – I hope there’s witches!

What are your thoughts on re-reading? Do you do it often? Are there any books you always come back to? 

One thought on “Books I’ve Read More Than Once

  1. I love re re-reading! It’s so much fun to go back to a favorite book. A little like going home. I’m continuing my first full Narnia adventure this month and I can’t wait to read The Bear and the Nightingale, it sounds so incredible!


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