Book Haul + Try A Chapter Tag

Hello! I have a small haul of shiny new pretties that I’m very excited about. I want to read them all right away, so to help me decide which one to start with I’m going to do the Try a Chapter Tag. I think the title sums it up pretty well – you pick a selection of books, read the first chapter and pick which ones you’re the most interested in. It was created by Malia at Book Paradise.


The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed

There’s something very cinematic about the first chapter of The Nowhere Girls. The opening shot is a panoramic view of the city, then it zooms in on one of our main characters – new girl Grace, before jumping to Erin, then Rosina. Once we’ve been introduced to all our main girls and gotten some insight into their lives and personalities, the camera zooms out again, taking us on a quick tour around the city, allowing us tiny glimpses into the lives of a handful other, unnamed girls. I really like the way the author’s chosen to introduce us the setting and characters. I know this book tackles some very important topics and I’m curious to see if it does so well.

The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana

This books opens with a father telling his daughter a story about a land of magical trees and the people who ruined it with their desire to exploit it. The father is the ruler of a small kingdom threatened by a great conqueror, the daughter is to marry the great king. In typical fantasy fashion there’s a lot of information to take in in the first chapter, there’s world building, characters to introduce and plot to set up. While the plot isn’t the most original (so far), I really like the characters and the setting. So I’m hopeful I’ll really enjoy this one as well.

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James

Our main character is reading fan fiction in her pajamas when an emergency alarm starts blaring – an asteroid is about to slam into the space ship she’s the sole passenger of. In addition to seeing her deal with this threat, we get some backstory on how she ended up alone in space and a glimpse into what her daily routine is like. I think this will be a very fascinating read, not only because it’s set in space – which always captures my imagination. But also as an exploration of the emotional and psychological consequences of such extreme isolation.

First We Were IV by Alexandra Sirowy

We’re dropped right in the middle of the action in the opening chapter of First We Were IV. Our main character is kicking wildly to get out of the grips of a police officer. Her friends are also being arrested. There’s a bloody dagger on the ground, a mysterious idol on top of a burial mound and somebody is dead. This chapter if absolutely drenched in foreshadowing and I love it. It might be a cheap trick, but I don’t care. I’m completely enthralled by this book already.

Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng

The first chapter of Under the Pendulum Sun takes us into an alternate version of history, in which English explorers have discovered the land of the fae: Arcadia. Our main character Catherine and her brother Laon used to play explorers as children. Now Laon has journeyed to Arcadia as a missionary to spread the word of God and in the first chapter Catherine is on her way to visit him. There’s something quite Gothic and eerie about this novel, an undercurrent of darkness that let’s the reader know all is not as it appears. I’m very intrigued by this world and can’t wait to dive in deeper.

Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popović

Ah, love at first sight. There’s something so lush and atmospheric about Popović’s writing that really speaks to my soul. Her words drew me in so easily and made this world come alive in my head. In the first chapter we meet Iris, who’s sneaking into her house after a wild night, and her sister Malina, who’s sound asleep in her bed. After just one chapter I already feel like I know these sisters: their differences and similarities, their likes and dislikes, their hopes and fears, and care what happens to them. It’s rare for me to feel so invested in a story so early on. That combined with the fantastic writing style maks me think this could easily be a new favorite.


Wicked Like a Wildfire won my heart and First We Were IV piqued my curiosity. Knowing me curiosity will probably trump heart when I decide which to read first – but I’m equally excited about both. I’d also like to get to Under the Pendulum Sun soon. I think it could potentially get quite dark, so perhaps I’ll read it in time for Halloween.

Which one would you most like to read? If you’ve already read some, please tell me what you thought of them! 

3 thoughts on “Book Haul + Try A Chapter Tag

  1. I read the first chapter of The Library of Fates in a try a chapter tag too (on my old blog) but I decided it wasn’t what I wanted to read at the time.
    I have read Wicked Like a Wildfire and I liked it. I fell in love with the first chapter, and while I didn’t love everything that followed, the writing style was beautiful. It always felt magical.
    And Under the Pendulum Sun sounds so intriguing!

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